Meet Draftium, the Prototype Pro.

Mock up perfect websites for your clients in minutes with Draftium

Draftium is a dynamic website prototype drafting tool that helps partners, creators, and developers collaborate in real-time.


Draftium makes the process smoother by giving you a strong wireframe to build on, letting you create as fast as you visualize.

Hundreds of premade prototype templates for every industry, including IT, fashion, photography, and consulting.


Just pick a template and Draftium’s powerful editor lets you build, arrange, and customize pages as easy as LEGO bricks.

Ready-to-use blocks make your layout anything but played out – enhance that draft with galleries, sliders, timelines, tabs, and so much more.

You can add flavor to your site prototype with buttons, links, text, slick animations, and nifty icons and images from Draftium’s free library.


Draftium gets everyone on the same webpage with real-time collaboration that lets anyone comment and make changes directly

Freelancers, agencies, and designers around the globe are using this Product Hunt 2018 Design Tool of the Year to create picture-perfect prototypes.


Other wireframing tools slow your roll with complicated processes and clunky UIs so you never get out of the planning stage.

Draftium is customizable, responsive, and most of all, turbo fast.

Lifetime access to Draftium’s AppSumo Pro Plan

  • Unlimited access to all 300+ prototype templates
  • No Draftium branding
  • 10 concurrent projects
  • Unlimited clients for comments
  • Custom Branding
  • All future updates to Draftium’s Pro Plan
  • Stack 2 codes to unlock unlimited projects
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.
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