Software to forecast cash flow and sales scenarios for your business at 39$ lifetime

Dryrun is a software used to forecast budget and cash flow along with projecting sales.

Clear, Powerful & Collaborative

  1. Cash Flow Forecasts, Sales Projections & Budget Plans in a single, clear view.
  2. Model & compare Multiple Scenarios to stress-test your decisions.
  3. Connect Xero, Quickbooks Online & Pipedrive to keep your data up-t0-date.

Simply the best way to run the numb


Cash flow forecasts

Track your invoices, bills & due dates

Know what capital you have on hand to fuel your growth and reduce your risk of a shortfall. Keep track of money so that you follow up and stay in the black.

  • Full manual control and flexibility
  • Import data from Xero & QuickBooks Online
  • Due, overdue and Payment tracking


Sales Projections

Identify highs, lows and capacity issues.

The timing of deals affects productivity, efficiency and capacity in your business. Identifying issues ahead of time lets you adjust.

  • Flexible, manual control and entry
  • Import data from Pipedrive
  • Create a cash flow forecast from the deals


‘What if’ Scenarios

Know your options and make the right decision.

Use scenarios to see your sales pipeline alongside your cash flow, compare ‘what if’s and test different outcomes. There’s power in knowing.

  • Create Multiple Scenarios
  • Duplicate and edit data points to test outcomes
  • Expand to see details, collapse to see the highlights


Reduce Your Risk & Protect Your Income

The #1 reason businesses die is that they run out of cash. But the issues that lead to crisis are often avoidable… when you give yourself time to react.

Looking into the future gives you that time.

From avoiding a cash flow crunch, through to plugging the holes that are hemorrhaging cash in your business, forecasts can be a true game-changer for your business.



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