Restream live-streaming across all platforms.

Restream helps you reach a wider audience by allowing you to multi-stream live video across 30+ platforms.

With Restream, delivering amazing live content to multiple video sites at once has never been easier.

Restream takes care of the bandwidth and processing so you can focus on getting maximum visibility on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Periscope, and more!


To get your watch party started, just choose a channel, click “Connect,” authorize Restream to access the platform, and then add any other channels you want to broadcast to.

Once you’ve selected your channels, you’ll pick a broadcast software like OBS Studio, SLOBS, or XSplit.


Choose Restream from the list of Services, paste your unique stream key from the Restream dashboard, and suddenly your screen is duplicated and ready to share.

You can also stream directly from your webcam with the GoLive feature with no additional software or set-up necessary.

And if you’re not available to stream, the Scheduler feature lets you stream up to 60 minutes of pre-recorded video live.

Restream Chat aggregates comments from different channels into one feed, so you can interact with audiences across all platforms (group chat is so lit right now).


You’ll be able to manage chat communications from every channel on one screen — read and reply to comments from different channels without ever switching tabs!

And when it comes to performance insights, you can track everything from stream metrics to audience stats.

Content creators everywhere use Restream to live broadcast without platform or processing limits.

Don’t confine yourself to a single ecosystem when you can go so much bigger.

Experience the whole spectrum of streaming by grabbing lifetime access to Restream for just $49!

Only Restream offers the full range of streaming tools from cross-platform chat to advanced scheduling to smart analytics — the other guys just spit out data copied from end platforms.


Restream has built a thriving global ecosystem for your content focused on low latency streaming.

Restream – Plans and Features

  • Lifetime access to Restream’s AppSumo Standard Plan
  • GoLive (Multistream from your browser)
  • Chat with your audience across all platforms on one screen
  • Scheduler (Stream pre-recorded videos live)
  • 2 GB limit per file
  • 60 min limit for pre-recorded streams
  • No bitrate limit
  • New Restream users only
  • All future Standard plan upgrades & features
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • “Multistreaming with Restream” will show on stream but you’re free to edit or remove anytime via end platform (FB, YouTube, etc)

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